Tired of your weak GX470 lights? These Quad Bi-LED Retrofitted housings will cut through the darkness with ease, giving you the high-performance headlight you deserve. Add halos, etching, or demon eyes to make your headlights break necks as you whip through town or the unexplored backcountry. Shoot us a message for any custom options not available via the dropdown menus, we'd be happy to work with you in creating the perfect headlight for you. 


**These headlights are customizable and images may not reflect the final variants you choose. Please Read Carefully** 


Halo Options:

- Neopixel X Halo Combo adds an X halo around the upper projector and a round recessed halo in the lower projector. This option has full-color changing capabilities and 120 chasing settings. These only come as Neopixel, make sure you add a Bluetooth controller when making selections. 


- Dual Round Neopixel halos add two round halos to each headlight. One halo mounted in front of the upper projector and one recessed halo around the lower projector. These are full color-changing Neopixel halos so please add a controller when making your selections. 


- Dual Round switchback halos, for the simpler man who just wants white/amber halos. One halo mounted in front of the upper projector and one recessed halo around the lower projector. 


Demon eye: Adds an additional light behind the projector glass to make them glow any desirable color. For solid colors write in the notes which color you want, Red, Green, Blue or Amber. For color changing add a Bluetooth controller to rock whatever color you desire. Price is for all 4 projectors. 


Bluetooth controller: Control your light accessories via an app on your phone by connecting to the Bluetooth controller. Must be wired to an accessory switch or tapped into DRL.  


Projector Glass Etching: Add some etching to your projector lenses for more unique look. These go hand in hand with demon eyes to best display the etching you choose. For custom etching, contact us BEFORE placing your order. Price is for etching on all 4 projectors, contact us if you want only etching on upper or lower projector glass. 


Projector Specs:

3.0" Bi-LED Projector
2 Year Warranty
50,000 hour lifespan.
Lumens - 4000lm
Color temperateure - 5500K
Luminous Flux: High Beam - 4500lm
Luminous Flux: Low Beam: - 3000lm

03-09 Lexus GX470

Housing Paint: Satin Black