Subtle yet elegant, our Honda Element Panamera adds a fresh new look from our other headlights. This build is equipped with Bi-LED projectors and Panamera shrouds.


**All headlights sold in pairs** 




Customization choices:


All headlights have the immediate option of leaving the interior as a gem chrome finish or us blacking out the entire headlight housings for a stealth approach. If interested in color matching or hydro dipping contact us for more options.


Halo Options:

- Switchbacks: Bright Profile Performance halos are what we use for our standard switchback halos. These dual function white and amber halos can be wired as solid white, solid amber, or as switchbacks. Switchback, when wired correctly, will run white halos as DRL and switch to amber with your turn signal. 


- Bluetooth Controlled RGB System: Unlock the full potential of our gen 2 BX-Built RGB halos. These neopixel RGB halos have a full startup sequence with when you’re first turning powering on the vehicle. Via the bluetooth app they can be set to any color under the spectrum in addition to having different flow patterns to mesmerize your car mates. In addition this next gen controller also has Left and right channel switchback inputs so you can also use these halos as directional turn signals as well.


High Beam Option

Our Bi-LED Projectors we use do have a high and low beam built in, so when choosing a high beam bowl option for this option it will be in addition to our Bi-LED Projector High Beam,


Multi High LED Spot beam adds a super subtle yet super bright spot beam, these will seeing distance no problem with your bights on. These focused beams bright up the road up ahead and add an. 3700 Lux of light per side to your high beams. A super bright and powerful combo for the money.


Mini 2.5” Bi-LED Projector:

Adding this additional projectors will allow you to run 4 total low beams and 4 total high beams. Perfect for an all around performance upgrade and will give you the best light output out of all the options.


Recessed Baja Design High beam available:

Want to add a Baja S1 or a squadron light to your headlight? This add on service is available for these generations of lights. We can recess a Baja light into your headlights to either run them as your high beams or wire them separately and have built in fog lights to your headlights. Please be aware that aiming for this add on is fixed and can only be adjusted with the entire light. For this reason we do recommend using a Wide cornering Baja Lense or flood to be most effective! Contact us for any further questions about this optional service.


Etching options available!

Want to add a logo, honeycomb or different design to your projector lens? Not to fear, we can get it done! Follow this link to add this additional service to your order. If purchasing more than one headlights please specify which order the etching would be applied to.

We do request that customers reach out to us via email to to have any confusion about etching services. Our contact email is


Lighting Specs:


3.0" Bi-LED Projector (main) 

Size: 3.0 inch

Voltage: 12v

Current: 3.45A(low)-4.2A(high)

Power: 41w(low)-49w(high)/piece

Color temperature: 6000k

Brightness: 2200 Lux - Measured at 5 meters

Warranty: 2 years


Multi-High LED Spot Beam (optional add on)

3” LED Spot beam projector


Brightness:3700 Lux - Measured at 5 Meters

Color temperature: 6000k

Warranty: 2 years


2.5” Bi-LED Projector (optional add on)

Voltage: 12v

Current: 1.35(low)-1.5A(high)

Power: 26w(low)-29w(high)/piece

Color temperature: 6000k

Brightness: 1520 Lux - Measured at 5 meters

Warranty: 2 years

2nd Gen Honda Element (09-11) Panamera

  • Lead Time:

    **Check "Lead Times" page for most accurate lead times **

    Minimum 16-18 weeks.

    Lead times are an estimate and may vary depending on available inventory, shipping delays, and any out of the ordinary work we might have to do on a build. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, shortages of raw materials have affected our supply chains. Feel free to reach out to us about your order and we will happily update you on the progress being made.


    We proudly offer year round Military and First Responder Discounts.

    Send us a verification photo of your ID to to claim your discount.


    Freedom Retrofits Warranty Policy:

    We proudly warranty this product for up to 2 years. This includes any lighting equipment or controllers we include with the headlight housing. Damages sustained from offroading to blinker Housings or Lenses will not be warrantable.


    Warranty Work: 

    We cover "return to us" shipping the first 30 days after your lights have been received. After 30 days, any warranty work the owner is responsible to ship us the product. We always cover "return to owner" shipping during the 2-year period.


    Inspect for shipping damage immediately, install the lights professionally or by following our install guides as soon as possible to ensure all the electronics survived their journey across the country. Contact us immediately to report any damages and or failures. 


    Because headlights are all custom-made, we do not accept returns or cancelations. All sales are final. 

    Shipping: USA & Canada

    Shipping is $50.00 to lower 48 states

    Canada is $85

    Hawaii is $100

    Please message us with any international shipping requirements.