The 80 Series Landcruiser is the symbol of Toyotas born from invincible vehicle lineup. To match the brilliance and power of the 80 series landcruiser, meet our full lineup of retrofited headlight housings. Built with powerful Bi-LED Projectors, you'll be able to illimanate the night and blaze the trail unrivaled.


**Lights are sold in pairs, driver/passenger sets**

**fits LX450 with some modifications, grill swap or trimming will be required**



Add-on halos to your headlight to run as a DRL or as an additional switchback halo. Or decide to go all out with our RGB halos and run any color you want. 


High Beam: 

Our Bi-LED projectors have both high and low beam within one unit, but that lights are like an addiction, once you get one you'll want more. Choose from an additional multi high spot beam or upgrade to another mini Bi-LED Projector to run quad projectors in your headlights. You'll be outpowering light bars with ease. 



Want to add on etching to your headlight lense? not a problem, choose yes and we'll add a standard honeycomb etching to your projector lense. Or if you want something custom etched, shoot us a message and we'll make a custom design or logo for your unique headlight.


BX-Built B3 2.0 Bi-LED Projectors Specs: 

-1600 LUX

-Lens Diameter - 3.0" Lens -

-Clear Kuria glass Input voltage -

-12v Led Driver and Projector output:

-35.2 watts at 2.75a at 12.8 volts High beam

- 46 watts at 3.57a at 12.8v LED Chip

- GPI LED Chip CA8T-9Knw Kelvin - 5000k

Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser Headlights